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Compliance Officer

Job Title: Compliance Officer
Department: Compliance
Location: Dubai, UAE
Job Grade: N/A
Line Manager Title: Group Compliance Officer
Position Type: Full Time


Our mission is to create, protect, and grow wealth. But only in the most ethical and responsible ways possible. GSB works with a number of private banks and institutions to provide banking, investment and credit solutions for high-net-worth clients.

Four guiding principles underpin our philosophy:

Culture First: We’re here to build a better world of work while supporting people’s financial, physical, professional and social well-being;
Community Led: We’re here to contribute to the economic and social betterment of the communities where we invest, operate and serve.
Governance Driven: We’re here to enhance policies and practices relating to our purpose, philosophy, ethics and accountability as a business;
Foresight Set: We’re here to continually improve the value we create for all our stakeholders through informed product and service innovation

The incumbent is required to provide high-level administrative support for Group CEO to ensure they can efficiently accomplish key tasks and company initiatives.


Compliance Officer:

  • Review of training material and keep a log of all staff training and conduct any necessary training at least on an annual basis (including board of Directors)
  • Keeping senior management up to date on regulatory change and relevant implications
  • Provision of regulatory advice and guidance as requested on jurisdictional related matters
  • Liaising with the Regulator as required
  • Assisting with applications for registrations and withdrawal of authorised individuals.
  • Maintenance of all compliance manuals and procedures ensuring relevant changes are made as required
  • Advising appropriateness of policies, procedures, systems and controls
  • Administering the Firm’s existing compliance and client transaction monitoring program
  • Ensuring compliance breaches are readily identified, reported and that action plans are put in place to address the same
  • Reporting to the board of directors and Senior Executive Officer on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the Compliance function
  • Review the risk management policies and liaise with risk officer on internal risk assessment program and reporting
  • Identify compliance risk and to advise on appropriate action
  • Prepare the firm for DFSA risk assessment visit

Money Laundering Reporting Officer responsibilities:

  • Assist in completing a KYC form for new clients based on the documents and information provided by the client
  • Report suspicious activities (SAR) from employees as per the applicable AML regulations
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operation of the Firm’s AML policies, procedure, systems and controls
  • Acting as the point of contact within the Firm for competent U.A.E authorities and the Regulator
  • Overseeing compliance with UN sanctions and international, governmental and regulatory findings
  • Ensure maintenance of systems and controls to facilitate internal and external reporting in AML/CFT matters
  • Establishing and maintaining a staff awareness program for the prevention of money laundering
  • Reporting to the board of directors and Senior Executive Officer on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the AML function
  • Completion of the AML annual return & Central Bank bi-annual reports

Qualifications, Experience & Skills

  • Experience in a similar role with demonstrable experience being named on company licence
  • Experience working closely with Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
  • Subject matter expert on compliance and risk
  • Preferably holding a CISI qualification in Compliance
  • Demonstrates the highest professional integrity
  • GSB brand ambassador

Closing Date

  • Closing date end of February 2024

Applications should be sent to:


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