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GSB Private Banking


Private Banking Services

Our private banking team works closely with you to ensure the smooth and stress-free operation of your accounts.

Our hands-on approach ensures you receive a highly personalised experience when opening an account and completing the required paperwork. We understand this value in more complex account opening and have deep knowledge and understanding of compliance and the KYC process.

Once accounts are set up and operational, you will benefit from dedicated relationship teams at GSB and the chosen partner bank or financial institution. Ensuring unrivalled service levels and multiple points of contact.


Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange, or ‘FX’ as it is more commonly known, involves the buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices or ‘rates’.

Often, these rates are inflated to build a margin for the FX exchange, and the process of exchanging and transferring money can often be expensive, clunky and time-consuming. FX Trading (bought to you by GSB) brings market-leading rates and access to a full-service FX brokerage to solve this problem. Ensuring all aspects of your Foreign Exchange needs are met.


Investment Management

It is difficult to create the right investment strategy. With markets moving faster than ever, it is essential to have a clear plan to make wise investments.

Our skilled and highly qualified team of advisors work closely with you to help understand your needs, risk tolerance, expected returns, required cash flow, and long-term goals, all of which provide the foundation for future investment decisions.

Our Investment Management services are broad-ranging and all-encompassing, and we pride ourselves on the selection of options and solutions we can offer.


Trading and Platforms

At GSB Private, we have established relationships with brokers around the globe, including large investment banks and niche regional players.

Access to a vast network of traders and participants allows us to trade orders of any size without impacting the market. Client anonymity is maintained for less liquid securities.

Choosing the right platform to trade on is more important than ever. So we help you find the right partner to fulfil your trading requirements.


Credit and Lending

Through our dedicated finance brokerage, GSB Private Finance, we provide various services related to arranging and advising on credit and lending.

Every member of our team is experienced in working within private banks or lenders, meaning they bring first-hand experience of the borrowing process and ever-changing landscape.

We understand lending, but more importantly, our team understands how banks, lenders, and their respective credit risk teams assess and evaluate applications. We, not only specialise in sourcing the best and most appropriate deal in the market but also, ensure that we are positioning and articulating these applications accordingly. Giving the best chance for approval in the quickest time.


Estate, Succession and Insurance Planning

We appreciate the time, effort and sacrifice that has grown your wealth. As well as the importance of preserving and protecting it for now and for future generations to come.

Our network of trusted partners sets us apart from all others. Once we understand your unique circumstances, needs and ambitions, we pull together the right team of external professionals to present and provide efficient, robust and effective wealth preservation and protection solutions.


Tax Planning and Repatriation Services

Our network of trusted partners is what sets us apart from our peers. Your needs are unique and diverse, as are your tax affairs.

We understand you may have assets in multiple jurisdictions, so we work with the best international tax experts to ensure top-quality and up-to-date advice is received. Alongside our trusted partners, we can also help structure assets most efficiently and effectively, minimising tax liabilities and helping to establish tax wrappers is in line with the advice.

Being headquartered in Dubai, we also understand the transient nature of our clients. We can help you prepare and organise your financial affairs before moving abroad or repatriating to your home country.

Our guide to repatriation to the UK demonstrates the expertise and advice we can provide.

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