Specialist expertise

GSB Private Finance

Asset-backed financing solutions for individuals, corporate structures, companies, and trusts.

At GSB Private, we work with various banks and specialist lenders to ensure the best terms and pricing are obtained. We have vast experience with international clients, working directly with you and lending partners worldwide to overcome any complexities involved.


Expatriate and International Client Mortgages

As an expat or international client, we understand that the pool of lenders available to you is restricted. We also understand that the landscape is ever-changing, and lenders are constantly entering and exiting this market segment.

Our expert team has a thorough knowledge and understanding of this market and strong relationships with a wide variety of lenders who cater to you and your needs as an expatriate or international borrower.

Once a lender has been chosen, we work closely with them and you to ensure there is a clear demonstration of your ability to service the mortgage despite any foreign exchange exposure relating to your income and asset base.

Our expertise ranges across various asset types you may be looking to finance.


Global Residential and BTL Mortgages

No client or mortgage is the same, and the variety of services available to you means that any requirement or request can be catered for.

Whether buying or refinancing a property for pure investment purposes or for you and your family members to use for personal use, we can help find the best and most appropriate solution.

We understand that you will have different objectives regarding your mortgage repayment and work with lenders who can structure facilities in the most flexible ways.

Our team will assist you regardless of where in the world you are looking to borrow, and our partnership with buying agents and property specialists ensures all aspects of your property needs are satisfied.


High Net Worth and Complex Mortgages

As an HNW or UHNW borrower, you’ll often require the expertise and services of private banks and specialist lenders who are more willing and able to understand and process the complexities of your income, assets and financial circumstances.

Across our lending partners, we can source financing regardless of the ownership structure of your underlying assets or the way you are remunerated/retain money within your businesses.

As the regulatory landscape evolves, we work with lenders who apply a pragmatic approach to HNW lending and will work with you and the lender to ensure your wider wealth is always considered when facilities are put in place.

Whilst many private banks will require investments or deposits to be pledged or placed with them to facilitate the loan, we understand and appreciate that this is not always possible or a priority when you are looking to borrow funds. We work with a selective number of private banks who will offer HNW mortgages, but on a ‘dry’ basis, without any additional assets required.


UAE Mortgages

As a Dubai-headquartered company, we know the UAE market inside out and can assist you with your local mortgage needs, be it to live in personally or for investment purposes.

We have partnered with Dubai-based finance specialists Holo to bring you Home Loans by GSB, our online and fee-free UAE mortgage broking service. Our combined knowledge of the market ensures that all areas of UAE mortgage requirements are fulfilled.


Portfolio Landlord Mortgages

Regulatory and tax law changes have made the landscape for a portfolio landlord increasingly challenging.

Each lender will have varied policies and interpret the rules regarding portfolio landlords differently. We will work closely with you to help navigate this and to find a solution that ensures you continue to grow and maximise your portfolio.

In scenarios where the income from your portfolio does not satisfy a lender’s affordability criteria, we work closely with the lender to ensure personal income from outside the portfolio can be presented and used to support the lend.


Bridging Finance

Bridging finance can provide the temporary solution required when you want to move quickly on a property purchase or refinance.

Whilst the interest charge on bridging facilities is typically higher, we will ensure that once the requirement for the bridge has come to an end, we help refinance the facility onto a more traditional mortgage at competitive rates.


Portfolio-backed Lending (Lombard Loans)

A 'Lombard Loan' is a credit facility secured by a pledge of liquid assets such as equities, bonds and investment funds. The term 'Lombard' dates back to the Middle Ages and originates in Lombardy, the northern Italy region where Italian merchants were the first to cater to consumer loan needs.

Unlike finance secured by property assets, Lombard Loans can be implemented in a few days without needing external valuation or legal intervention. Combined with a lower risk weighting assigned to the loan by the banks/lenders, can often result in a Lombard Loan being a lower-cost borrowing solution.

Lombard loans can help you manage your liquidity in a way traditional mortgages cannot, allowing you to use funds for property acquisitions, business investment, lifestyle purchases and re-investment into portfolios.

This quick, cheap and flexible solution also ensures that your borrowing requirements are fulfilled, allowing you to continue pursuing your investment opportunities and objectives.


How much can I borrow?

Several basic factors influence how much you can borrow, including:

The deposit you can afford (lenders apply maximum loan amounts when your deposit is a relatively small percentage of the value of the property);

Your total income (salary, commission and bonus — from all sources) — including the income of anyone with whom you are buying or income that is paid to a company or structure you own or are involved with;

Your financial outgoings — particularly regular outgoings affect your ability to repay the mortgage monthly. There is more emphasis on this for borrowing you obtain against your Principal Private Residence. For example, borrowing against a PPR is deemed a regulated activity in the UK;

Your credit history — how reliable are you at repaying your debts?

The type of mortgage you require – residential or buy to let, repayment or interest only; and

Whether employed, self-employed, a UK resident, expatriate, or foreign investor.

What is the borrowing process?

At GSB, we understand the mortgage process can be daunting, especially if you are unsure where to start.

Our role as your broker and advisor goes beyond simply sourcing the finance for you. Our Team have all worked for lenders before and has a deep and detailed knowledge and experience of the lending process.

We work closely with our partner Banks and lenders to ensure applications are presented appropriately, and we manage the process from start to finish, as outlined below:

Initial enquiry and discussion;

Presentation of available options from the market;

Submission of Application(s);

Credit approval and underwriting of the finance;

Valuation of the asset(s);

Instruction of a solicitor for the conveyancing; and

Drawdown of the facility.

Do I need a good UK credit history to get an expat mortgage?

If you've been living abroad for some time and have not been able to maintain your UK credit profile, this doesn't mean you'll be excluded from borrowing.

A good UK credit footprint will make the application process easier and give you access to better rates and terms. Still, if you can satisfy the following application criteria, the likelihood is you won’t run into any problems.

3/6 months of bank statements showing good account conduct;

Up-to-date utility and phone bills which have been paid on time, even if they are registered to your address abroad;

A demonstration that any credit card balances and interest is paid on time;

Proof of any debt payments, such as car loans, personal loans and other mortgages;

We work closely with lenders with vast experience in dealing with expatriate and international clients and are willing to show flexibility when checking the borrowing status of new clients.

Why should I choose GSB Private Finance?

At GSB Private Finance, we are experts in sourcing, arranging and advising clients on all aspects of their financing needs. However, what sets us apart from our peers is the Private banking experience of our team.

Our team has all worked within Private Banks and Lenders, bringing the first-hand experience of the borrowing process and ever-changing landscape.

We understand lending, but more importantly, our team understands how banks and lenders (and their respective Credit Risk teams) assess and evaluate applications. Therefore, we specialise in not only sourcing the best and most appropriate deal in the market but also ensuring we are positioning and articulating these applications accordingly to give them the best chance of being approved quickly.

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